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Australian Shepherd

Medium  |  Male

Tyler, TX

Please contact Tonya Griffith ( for more information about this pet.

Pictures updated 6/9/09 and transferred to us 6/22/09. He was being crated at night and when I ran errands, and did very well, so house training should be easy. He followed me wherever I would go, does well on a leash, and his fur is Reddish Brown. I later put him in a dog pen due to him following me too closely all the time while trying to do my chores.
D.O.B.: ? August 2008
Weight: 42.7 - 7/3/09
$75 adoption fee will pay for his neuter and vaccinations.
Posted 5/20/09 for Kahne Parsons Walker. "I live out here at Lake Hawkins. We get a lot of stray animals dumped out here and there are practically no resources for dealing with the unfortunate animals. Recently someone dumped (or so I believe) a dog near our house. I did not aim to take him in, but he found his way into our yard, burrowing under our gates, and so like it or not he is here. I called the East Texas shelter and they are not currently taking in dogs. So, until I can find a situation, I will have to see that he comes to no harm. He is currently at the vet's getting wormed and receiving his shots. I don't know his breed or exactly how old he is. Dr. Hobbs thinks he may have some Australian shepherd in him by the look of his ears. He is very friendly and gets along with other dogs (even our male dog, who is very territorial). He is not yet neutered. He has lots of puppy energy, but seems bright and trainable.
We really can't keep him for long. We already have two dogs and four cats, all of them former strays. You know how much it costs to properly care for animals and as my husband and I are both school teachers we don't have a lot of extra cash.
He weighs 35 pounds and is about 9 months old (acc. to the vet). He has had his first shots and been wormed, has tested negative for heartworms and begun
preventative treatment, and is also on Frontline. He was not neutered when found. He is as tall/long as his adult growth though he will likely fill out more. We do not know the mix of breeds that produced him, but he is lean and fast and can JUMP. (Someone who wants a dog who can catch frisbees or jump through hoops would
love him.)
I have taught him to fetch, and he does, in his own fashion. He still has a lot of energy, and that makes it hard to instill discipline, but I'll do what I can."

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Tyler, TX

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