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Adrk Import


7 years, 9 months

Bargersville, IN


****ADRK PINK PAPER GERMAN IMPORT FOR SALE**** What makes Roxi so incredible is her character! She is a beast on the field, but also a sweet, good natured, affectionate girl. She has SUPER drive and is a bit of a clown! LOVE everything about her! These are some excellent, strong German working lines! It is important to know that even in Germany, there are different qualities of breeding dogs. In order to be a ?PINK PAPER? (so called because of the pink paper the pedigree is on), working titles are a MUST. If even one of the dogs in the pedigree does not possess a working title, the dog cannot be a PINK PAPERed dog. Roxi?s sire, Luciano Vom Bamberger-Tal is very large male with a strong, powerful frame and incredible skill! Luciano has the highly sought after and very respected Gekort bis EzA. The Gekort is an advanced breed test also known as Korung given in Germany. In addition to the requirements of the ZtP, they require a SchH III, IPO III, or VPG III for a male. The minimum age for males is 36 and in addition, they require three show critiques with a SG rating or better, HD/ED certificates and AD title. This title deems a dog suitable for breeding by the ADRK for a period of two years at which time they are subject to re-evaluation. Once a dog has earned his Gekort, he is able to apply again after 2 years Gekort bis EzA. The Gekort bis EzA is a LIFETIME breed suitability test. A dog with this title is rated by the ADRK as suitable for breeding for the duration of Breeding Utilization Age (nine years in males and eight years in females). Because of how much is required- not only the highest levels of working ability, but strict adherence to breed standards, the Gekort bis EzA is a coveted title and a male possessing this title is considered highly desirable as stud. Luciano?s other titles include: BH, AD, IPO III, VPG III, FH I, FH II, KÖRUNG 23.09.07 in Lustadt (Radtke/Petermann), ZTP 09.09.06 in Eschweiler (Petermann). For more information on Roxi to include videos, photos, pedigree, etc., please visit the Guardian Rottweiler website: Guardian Rottweilers- Courageous Guardians. Loyal Companions.

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