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Franklin, TN

Angel Amy is a wonderful Beagle girl that is 6 -7 years old and about 35 pounds. Her storybook life has been a rough one that sort of reads like a Cinderella fairytale. Found as a stray in the rural setting of KY and put into a shelter, this girl had Come to the shelter with 75% of her hair gone from mange. She has fought back like a champ in life and is still getting some special medicated baths and grain free food and Allergy pills daily to help the fur to return to a normal state. It has been a long 9 month journey.. She was pulled from the shelter with no hope of ever being chosen. Some kind rescue ladies worked with her for months on end to help Get her skin back under control and to do a dental and properly vet her. She is a miracle to say the least in the dog rescue world. When you see that sweet angelic face and look into those precious brown eyes.

Side Note

In October of last year over 75% of her skin was black with no hair. She was a dog that no one would ever want and no rescue would take in ….but we took her in Feb. after much was done to get her back on track with the skin And have continued to bath her 3 times weekly and do her meds. She is a wonderful dog that has her beauty more inside than out….. but if you saw the first pictures of her in October you would call her a Beauty Queen now!


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Franklin, TN

(615) 661-5333

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9 months ago

I've always wanted a husky because they are beautiful and I'm always lonely at home we can play with the new toys I got for her.i know takeing care of a husky isn't easy so I am prepared for it.

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