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Barn Cats

Domestic Short Hair

Small  |  Male

Edmond, OK

$10 ages est 4-8

"Barn cats "Semi feral" Feral" are cats that have ended up being relocated for one reason or another and have been fixed and given shots. But these cats are not your overly friendly house cat and are not suitable for household pets. They will typically be adults that are savoy to survival on their own they will make good mousers for barns or warehouses.
How to adopt a barn cat:
Upon adoption you will need to be able to leave them locked up in a area where the temperatures are not to extreme and they can calm down and adjust to their new place to live or they will simply just run off right away. This acclamation time is typically 2 weeks. Then at that point you would just simply open their enclosed space and allow them to start to explore leaving them access to their starting place to retreat to hide. You will need to be able to supply food(small amount daily then wean to every other day if rodent population is high) and always water for them.
Its good to have a cat trap on hand (harbor freight for about $30) encase the cat becomes sick or injured you have a method to capture it to get it to a vet even if you don't want to provide extreme medical for it they do deserve a humane euthanasia and not to suffer if issues where to arise.
there are typically cats of different levels of tame available for adoption.
The pics are just sample cats we have had in the past. Our agency is currently without barn cats but some of our fellow rescuers still have some seeking homes. So any application we receive will be passed to them.
Please go to and fill out a APPLICATION FOR CRITTERS, since these guys are not house kitties

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Edmond, OK

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