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Blue Eyes

Border Collie

2 years, 7 months

Frankfort, IL


Winning Combination!!! Brains, Beauty and Soundness. Quality does not happen by chance. BOTH PARENTS ARE CERTIFIED THERAPY DOGS. Perfect puppy for Agility,Obedience,Herding, or just plain loving. I am a hobby breeder. My puppies are set up in my kitchen so kids, cats, adults, etc. passing during the day gets to socialize my puppies. Brother on the cover of Dog Fancy Magazine (this year) Also, Centerfold pictures as the perfect Structure of a Border Collie. Grandmother on the cover of Dog Fancy Magazine a few years ago. Grandmother is a R.O.M.X. 4 Generations OFA: GOOD, Eye's Cerf. Masters & Champion titles in Agility. Please check out puppies progeny at: Go to the bottom of the page of the "Border Collie" Link. Puppy Class Discount.

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