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Bella IV


7 years, 3 months
Medium  |  Female

Austin, TX

Please contact Rae ( for more information about this pet.

// Hello,
My name is Bella and I've had a bit of a rough go. I've been in and out of the Austin Animal Center twice now and I'm VERY scared.
I don't move around very much, just stay in my basket. I hiss a little but I don't bite or claw.
I REALLY need someone to adopt me who has the patience to let me get comfortable in my own time (it does happen but it takes a while) and let me FINALLY be in a FOREVER home.
I am a very beautiful kitty, kind of small with huge round blue eyes. I talk and sometimes i cry. I am very healthy and will make someone a great BFF if they'll just allow me to regain my trust.
Please won't you come to visit me? Call my foster Mom for an appointment. I don't go to PetsMart because it would be too scary for me, so you can come to my house and see me one on one.
NOTE: Bella was hospitalized last week for something kidney related. Vet is not sure yet if it is/was an infection or some sort of toxicity or kidney failure. It cost a LOT of money but she's out of the woods and doing well now. She will need some additional blood work next week to make sure it's all back to normal. She is very thin and being fed three times a day plus free-feed kibble. She also has to have subqutaneous fluids (under the skin with a needle) once a week just until the next vet appointment.
She's such a BEAUTIFUL cat, it just breaks my heart for her to be going thru this. It's not doing too much for her trust in people either. If you are so inclined we could sure use some donations towards Bella's bill.
Bella really needs a forever home that will understand she is very fearful but a gentle soul. She may or may not come aorund and be a lap cat, but for now she's a hider. She does enjoy being petted once you get her over the initial contact. She will be a special project for someone with a lot of patience and love to give. Contact me if you'd like to meet her. THANKS! ~~ Rae
UPDATE: 10-6-14 Bella is all over her kidney issues and back to her healthy weight. The only precaution we're taking for the future is to feed a prescription renal formula food - easy on the kidneys. About the same price as a high quality regular food and she LIKES it. She's come a ways in her trust and doesn't live under the bed anymore (she sleeps there since she doesn't have a cage at all anymore). She has a buddy in the room and gets along with my kitty Little Bit and the new kitten housed in there. She lets me pet her and sleeps on top of the bed during the day. She actually likes the petting. She's still very skittish - loud noises, quick movements - but I've seen her looking at the bedroom door when it's open like she'd maybe like to go see what's out there. I don't let her out because we have too many cats right now and if she got somewhere that I would have a hard time getting to, it might cause a set back right now. With Bella it will take the time it takes for her to regain any trust she might have had in the past. Something happened to her that left a lasting impression - not a good one. Got time? Got patience? Got love? She is too beautiful and too sweet to not have a forever home of her own. Call me if you might be the one - - Rae
UPDATE: 02-9-2015 - My Beautiful Bella! She's getting along great and has several friends. She accepts any kitty that I put in the room with her. She has made some very nice strides in the petting and living OUT from under the bed. She has a new pet bed that is red with a big black "belt" and white fur around the edge - I think it's supposed to be Santa's lap? She loves it and sleeps in it all the time. She'll lay in it and accept petting most of the time. She only gets nervous if she thinks you're trying to pick her up or trap her. She can be picked up, doesn't claw or bite or freak out, just stays very tense and fearful. Now here's the NEWEST thing...she sleeps on the bed with me at night and I hadn't realized it until the other night when I looked to see who had snuggled up between my knees and discovered it was Bella! Toooo cool! - - Rae

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