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5 years, 8 months
Large  |  Male

Dallas, Tx

Anyone who is interested is welcome to see Mr. Bix at his foster home. It will be important to get him used to seeing new people.
This is a really sweet dog. Once he gets used to the goings on in a home, I think he’ll settle right in. He is eager to participate in positive training and puts up with his desensitization training with good grace.
This feral street dog protected his little family from coyotes that threatened his babies. In fact, we are told that the neighbors in the area appreciated him because he chased the coyotes away from the area entirely. He had a mate and 5 puppies who were about 9 months old when Bix was taken off the streets. This great dog and his family were fed and cared for by a Good Samaritan who fed them twice a day every day. She was able to hand feed many of them and Mr. Bix was one who delighted in the personalized feeding.
Bix didn’t mind eating from my hand immediately. He became even more comfortable, even happy, about mealtimes when he learned that he would get the food when he nosed me on my hand or knee. I even saw lots of tail wagging during feedings. Positive training is a must for feral dogs.

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Dallas, Tx

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