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Pit Bull Terrier

Large  |  Male

Dallas, GA

Friends to the Forlorn Adopt-a-Bull

Breed: Pit Bull Terrier
Gender: Male
Estimated Date of Birth: October 31, 2010
Size: 78lbs
Location: Dallas, GA
Boss has a very tragic story. His owner was arrested for beating his own 12 year old son to death and was charged with murder. The mother was left unable to care for Boss and his buddy, Bam Bam. Thanks to a great foster home, we were able to take both of these big boys into the rescue on Halloween of 2013, before they ended up at Animal Control.
Boss adjusted well in foster care. We got him fully vetted and he became available for adoption. Boss was then adopted by a wonderful family back in April 2014. He was doing fantastic in his new home until Sunday, December 14, 2014. On that day, his owner noticed he was walking funny after coming in from playing outside. They brought him to the vet on Monday, where he was diagnosed with a herniated disc. He stayed at the vet overnight, but by morning he became completely paralyzed in his back end … that’s when they called us. We rushed Boss over to GVS where they discovered he actually had a ruptured disk between the T-1 junction in his spine and no feeling in his back end. Boss was given a 50/50 chance of walking again if surgery was performed immediately. Without hesitation, we told them to get Boss into surgery. We want the best for our dogs and we covered his $7,000 surgery and weeks of physical therapy sessions. At that time, his family had also found out that they were going to have a baby and the pregnancy was extremely high risk so they would not be able to lift Boss to go outside and help with his physical therapy. They loved Boss, but ultimately decided it would be best for him to be back with us.
Boss had surgery to repair the ruptured disk. The surgeon said the disk was severely damaged and there was a lot of hemorrhaging. However, though the procedure went well, he did not regain any feeling until days later. Boss tried extremely hard to walk again and after a few days, he began to get some feeling back in his feet and expressed his bladder slightly on his own. Boss was a trooper and was happy to hand out kisses to everyone during his stay with GVS. His previous foster family took Boss back in and kept up with his rehabilitation. Boss had to go to physical therapy appointments two times per week for weeks on end and he had to be carried everywhere for weeks.
Fast forward a few months and Boss is walking (kind of). He can only go short distances, is very unsteady, and he falls over a lot. Regardless, this is a vast improvement from 50/50 odds!
Boss can walk … a little … and not very well. He’s kind of like a baby that’s just learning to walk – wobbly, unsteady, and falls over often. He still needs help for certain things. It would probably be best for him to be in a home without stairs.
Boss is an incredibly boy. He is resilient and his love is contagious. Boss adores human affection and he loves every person he meets. He has also done well with other dogs. He’s been through so much and would love a forever home that doesn’t mind his wobbly-behind … a family that will shower him with the love and attention he wants and deserves.
Photo Album of Boss:
Our adoption fee is $195. All dogs are current on vaccinations, spayed or neutered, micro-chipped, on heartworm prevention, and are fed top of the line grain-free food.

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