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Small  |  Male

Cabool, MO

Brass has been featured on Petfinder since he was a pup.........and has had not one decent offer. He is so cute and such a house mouse! Now he is 8 years old, he needs a quiet home with pillows and yummies, that is warm and comfy!!
Update: Sweet boy continues to live with his foster family, the only family he has known in his entire life. He is such a cute boy, silly and a major ham! This little dog is such a delight! He gets lost easily outside but really that is just another reason why he is the perfect home body buddy! At only 6 and half years old, he has lots of years of lovin left!
Brass is sweet, gentle, sensitive, playful and affectionate. He is excellently tempered. Brass has a really neat brindling thing going on like marble.........just fantastic.....Born 9-26-06 -around 10 lbs but a baby forever, so easy to love. Brass has been in rescue since he was a tiny puppy but faces the challenge of thousands of Chihuahuas.........real life Chi's in a tiny dog world. For every perfect tiny Chihuahua produced, several times that many are not and become the bi product or waste of the attempt to achieve tiny dogs that are marketable. The seven pound and up kids are just not why produce them? I will tell you why..........the hard core Chihuahua facts are that these are hugh commercial facilities that cannot/will not assist mothers in delivery or neonatal care. They need to be able to carry many strong puppies to earn their keep and deliver and feed them without any human assistance or they just cost time and money and are purged out. This means big strong to reach for the big money tiny dog, they are bred to undersized males.........undersized dogs are often suffering from overwhelming health conditions that pass thru to the pups. So the demands of greed call for big oversized moms and unhealthy unstable tiny dads creating litters for the pet market where the survivors are either tiny and marketed only for loving owners to learn later that they are not healthy or much harder to protect then a normal dog OR more commonly the oversized disposable kids that favor the mother, if they are accepted by a fooled broker they are sold cheap, given away, killed and if the broker sees they are oversized they are just destroyed before eating one more kibble on the greedy breeders tab! Often times breeders know the puppies will be larger like their mom so lie about their age, then you have month old puppies who should be still snuggled up safe with their mama being forced into the market place. Pretty unsafe and truly terrifying for the babies being trafficked fresh from the nest. Brass is lucky, his foster family loves him and after spending most all his life there, he is just considering himself a part of the family.........thousands are not so lucky and die or are left lingering in shelters, as the number two most killed in shelters breed in the nation.
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