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12 years, 4 months

Elizabethtown, PA

All of our dogs and cats are in foster homes and we have no paid staff. If you have questions concerning a specific animal, PLEASE fill out an application and the foster parent will be in touch. We will not arrange any home visits with any of our dogs and cats until your application is processed. Please understand our foster parents are precious to our 2nd Chance family; without them we cannot function, so we do our best to not burden them with multiple appointments. Our foster parents will choose their top 3 applications and arrange home visits with these applicants. The adopter will be chosen at that time. The process can take anywhere from a week to a month. We want to make sure our little furry ones are placed in their "forever home" and never have to go through a rehoming again!

Well let me tell ya about my hard luck story! I was with some not so nice people so this lady came to "save" me. Hmmmm it didn't take me long to figure out she might have meant well but it was not much better there and those little pesky bugs that you humans call fleas were eating me alive!! Thank goodness the cat in the house got "frisky" with another cat and found herself "knocked up" and of course the dad was going to be a dead beat father so the lady of the house called the nice lady that helped her with cats before and she came to take the momma cat with her... Well when she saw me she didn't look very happy with the lady that "saved" me and made it really clear that the lady wasn't doing right by me! She left but a few days later she came back and took me too YAY!!!! She gave me a really nice warm bath and medicine that made those pesky bugs say "see ya" and then she put me in this noisy car and I took a trip and then these ladies got me and I took another trip and then I went to a house and played with a bunch of dogs for a day and then this other human came and got me and she said she is my foster mommy and I REALLY like her and now I have a boy who likes me and lets me cuddle with him on the couch and oh yeah I have another dog to hang out with too!! Its really cool and my foster mommy says I can stay until she finds me a really AWESOME forever home! I have a feeling my life is going to stay really good and that makes me really happy :)

Please fill out an adoption application:
Adoption application (Dog)
Adoption Application (Cat)
Please understand we do not adopt out dogs to families with children under the age of 5. We do not adopt dogs to renters. Some dogs will have fence requirements while others may not.

A pet is a lifetime commitment. The dogs and cats in our system find themselves there, for the most part, because their humans did not have the same loyalty to them as they did to their owners. We do not take the adoption process lightly, and will do everything in our power to make sure the animal is placed correctly the first time around for your sake and theirs. Thank you for choosing to adopt not shop!

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Elizabethtown, PA

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