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Cee Cee


10 years, 1 month
Small  |  Female

Garland, TX


Adoption: $400.
Weight: 6 lbs
DOB: Unknown

Health: She came with really bad teeth that infected her left eye. She can no longer see out of that eye, but the infection is healed. All her teeth have been cleaned and infected teeth have been extracted. She feels much better now. Cee Cee has degenerative spondylosis, which means that she has some vertebral nerve damage in her spine. She is not in any pain; however, because of this, she walks very slowly and sometimes is not quick enough to get out. I do consider her housebroken, so in her forever home, proximity of the back door to her bed is the key. Other than this progressive condition, she is actually in pretty decent health for a senior.
Temperament: Cee Cee is a little shy at first; however, after a couple of days in her new environment she began to seek out her favorite human. She is actually quite loving. She prefers to sleep most of the day in an area out of the way of activity, but will hang out in the family room in the evenings. She is unable to jump up on furniture, but will cuddle with you if placed on the couch. She is otherwise quite content to be nearby in a cozy dog bed.

Where did she come from: She was a stray that was in horrible condition when found.
Ambitions: To find the perfect forever home.
Additional information: Cee Cee will do best in a home without small or rambunctious children or younger dogs due to her inability to see well or to get out of the way fast enough. She should also not be placed in a home with a swimming pool unless it is gated and/or she is supervised outside at all times!


Email to request a printable application.-----------------

------Please remember our group is made of only volunteers all of whom have full time jobs, foster fur-kids, and families of their own, so please be patient.---------

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Garland, TX

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