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Cessper Long haired


9 years, 3 months
Small  |  Male

Cabool, MO

Update: Cessper plays well with others for the most part, but can be "bossy" (have to act tough when you are little!), and he likes to bark at the cats but I doubt he would ever hurt anyone – he is very sweet natured. He is between 18 and 20lbs and could stand a little diet with a pound (or five) loss, lol! He has medium length hair that is pretty easy to keep nice. He has a large yard that he loves to run and play in, but has not had any leash training. I have found that the little ones usually adapt to that and learn very quickly with a harness. He recently tore an ACL and is still healing from that (another reason the weight loss would be a good idea). I have him on natural supplements to help alleviate inflammation and prevent arthritis.

Update from Foster MOM: Cesspar, is social and will play, play, play with anyone who will play with him. He gets excited with new things, and will do a little dance when he is happy and seeing something new and exciting. Just a happy, happy little guy!!!
Update: Cessper is now looking at reaching his fourth birthday, spending now his entire puppy hood and entering into adult hood in foster care. Cute little guy, happy, playful and uses a doggy door.........we dont want to see him grow any older in foster care, please consider this darling boy, he would make a great best buddy for other little ones but loves to be with dogs of all sizes that are just nice buddies. He has grown to a plump and chubby 15 lbs of darling to love!

Update: Cessper remains a little boy, he is somewhat of a cautions boy but is sweet and playful and likes to hold onto my finger to "help" me when I'm doing chores. This boy would be a perfect pet and playmate to another little one!!

Original post: Cessper was born June 10, 2008, he is a gentle and loving little guy who needs a home of his own! He has a over bite which is adorable!! Adoption fee $150

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