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Bichon Frise

Small  |  Male

Cedar Creek, TX

3 year old cutie in need of a special home

Charlie was living with a family for the first 3 years of his life. He was in a great deal of pain yet put in prozac, instead of getting the care for his back he needed. After he started acting out, due to pain, his 'family' got rid of him. How very sad for this little boy. UPDATE from Charlie's foster Mama 2.28.2017 " Charlie is still looking for his forever home. He needs a very special, patient, super duper doggie knowledgeable human. He gets along great with other dogs and doesn't mind cats. Because Charlie's medical condition went neglected for so long, he has conditioned himself to act out a little. He wants love and cuddles on his terms. Please share this boy, or make a donation to # IOnceWasLostAnimalAdvocacy because they've taken on Charlie full time. I can only foster him every once in a while. If we could send him to more heat therapy sessions that would help him. He also needs supplements for his skin allergies. Poor little pumpkin, he really is a good boy. He minds so well. " We are happy we have him because it turns out he has bone spurs in his back so he was in a bunch of pain. He is regularly seeing a chiropractor and is making good progress. Because of this pain, Charlie can sometimes be a little naughty toward strangers or towards commotion. If his needs are understood, Charlie will be a fantastic little buddy. Charlie needs a home that will be devoted to his special needs and will understand who he is. If this is all in place, Charlie is a little sweet cutie pie who is a pleasure to be around. Charlie LOVES other doggies and really really LOVES car rides!!!! Charlie's trainer says he's "very smart" Charlie's foster mom says Charlie says " I LOVE car rides they bring me such joy. I want the whole world to see. I am learning that this world has so much love to offer and that I don't have to be so unsure about everyone." & "I'm learning so much thanks to all my angels for making sure I am given another chance." If you might be the special home Charlie needs, please message us to schedule a time to meet this little boy. ♥♥ Additional Information:

Charlie seriously needs a home that can respect and understand his back issues. He has bone spurs that cause him pain.
For the most part he's adorable, not to mention the cutest thing ever :o), but he will bite if his space isn't respected. He truly needs a home that will give him space and only pet him when he requests it.
In other words, he isn't a snuggly little thing. He simply needs a home that will give him kindness, love, healthy food, gentle care and understanding. Also, no kiddos.
He LOVES other dogs and would also be good with cats. The best home for him would have another dog, who the humans can snuggle with and pet, along with Charlie, who would be in a home where he feels safe but can kind of be on the outskirts of the family unit.
We would be ecstatic to find a home for him. It just needs to be the right home.
We do have other small adoptables, who Charlie regularly hangs out with. Adopting him along with one of his friends would be a win-win. The new family would have a doggie they could snuggle with, Charlie would have his buddy AND he would have a safe, loving home to call his.

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Cedar Creek, TX

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