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Malti Poo

2 years, 7 months

Jacksonville, FL


Hey I'm Charlie and I have a beautiful black shiney coat with a pinch of white on my chin and some on my chest. I also have a cute dock tail. So let me tell you about myself I am one of the cutest Male CKC Maltipoo Specialty Designer Pup there is only three in my litter we're all males. My hair is so soft & silky hair that you will love to run your fingers through. At birth I only weighed 5 oz expecting adult weight 8-10 lbs I know I'm young but I promise to always love you. My mommy Gracie a 9 lb Matese and daddy Mercy a 8lb Blue Maltipoo making me a Lovable Maltipoo with more poodle for my brains. People love the Maltipoo so I won?t last long so if I look like the one for you call and put a deposit on me. With such sweet and good looking parents I can only be sweet and beautiful for you! Grandma says I am absolutely gorgeous and will be a people stopper everywhere we go. Grandma also says I have personality love & brains. All I?m missing is my family, Is it you? I was born at on Feb 13th and ready on April 10th. I am known as a Specialty Designer Pup and am hypo-allergenic and non-shedding so no need to worry about allergies or hair all over you. I will go through a series of health vaccines and worming before going home with you. Grandma tells me at two weeks I will have receive my first worming three weeks Bordetella, four weeks heartworm preventive. At five weeks I start a preventive against cociddia parasite and receive every two weeks till I go with you. At six weeks is my first set of puppy shots Ouch! But all the other puppies tell me not to worry they say grandma knows how to give a painless shot I sure hope they are right. When I turn eight weeks old I go to my doctor to get my health certificate, he will give me a report card that shows he literally gave me a nose to tail complete check up, he also gives my Weight and temperature, and my name is on it so you know it is really all about me. At that time I get my 2ND set of puppy shots , 2nd Bordetella, and another worming after he completed my fecal flotation to make sure I am worm and parasite free. Then my grandma also gives me Advantage flea treatment to protect me when I leave. So see I will be already to go home with you when I turn that magic age of 8 weeks old. I am told I have many stages to go through to prepare me for your home. All this is to make the transition easier on me and also to help you to enjoy me once I have arrived! My first training actually started when I turned three weeks old and it was learning to use a U Go Doggie Tray. This is important because if I have to go in the middle of the night since my bladder is so small I will use that instead of waking you up to take me out. Also if you want to go off after work or stay out a little later than planned you can relax because you know I can relieve myself if needed. So no letting me ruins your time but we work together because we will be a team for a lifetime. It also makes me realize I have to potty in a certain place so when I start my outside potty training I am just learning a new place to go too. My grandma says her clients say most say their puppy learns their outside potty training in 2-4 weeks and if you take the time to work with me, I will learn to do the same. Using a bell on the door every time I go is also helpful since I am taught barking is rude so it?s a good way to say I have to go out. My second part of my training is the most vital for me and you. My health can suffer if I cry constantly because of separation from my littermates and my mom. Not to mention you would go crazy trying to make me stop crying all day and night (which is why so many puppies run freely and destroy items and potty everywhere) Instead I am taught it is safe and ok to be by myself in my playpen even if you are in the same room. My grandma has a special technique to teach me about separation training. When I am 5 weeks old she starts my separation training with another litter mate a little each day and

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