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Medium  |  Male

Los Angeles, CA

DOB: 11/2010
Chester is approximately 4 years old, and is loving, affectionate, a fastidious groomer and very communicative about what he wants. He was a stray found in Van Nuys, and had obviously been homeless for a while. He's a great talker! His sounds are diverse and original and he really makes different meows for different meanings. Chester loves to cuddle - your lap is his best friend! He wants to be near his human and likes his paws touching some part of you. He is very careful about his claws and doesn't scratch when he plays.
Chester has tested positive for FIV (feline AIDS). FIV is not a big deal; given proper care and attention, an FIV+ cat will live the same lifespan as an FIV negative cat. The disease is extremely hard to transmit from cat to cat, requiring direct blood contact (typically from a deep puncture wound). It is not transmissable to humans. Click here to read an excellent article about FIV.
Please let me know if you would like to meet Chester - he's so loving and wonderful! He's just about 10 pounds, litter box trained, neutered and microchipped!
If you are interested in learning more about Chester or in possibly adopting him, please click here to email his foster parent.

If you are unable to send an email to the foster parent through the link included above, please contact us and let us know what kitty you're interested in. You may also fill out our adoption questionnaire to speed up the screening process. Be sure to specify the cat you're interested in at the end of the questionnaire!
For our fees and adoption policies and procedures, please click here.

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