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Domestic Medium Hair

4 years, 7 months

Saint Paul, MN

Dear You!
Hi!! I'm Chipmunk! I'm a little girl cat with a white and brown fur coat that I keep super soft and clean. My foster mom helps cuz she knows I LOVE brushing!! When she gets out the brush I come running & flop right down - I even turn over so she can get get me fluffy on both sides. When I was littler, I'd climb up on her lap for brushing but now I'm almost three years old and a little, um, "rounder" than I used to be, so I fall off too much.

I live here at my foster house with my sisters, Laurel and Sassyfrass, and my little brother, Humphrey. Some of my favorest things are bells and ribbons and wand toys and red dots. We have these slippery floors at our house and I've been trying to teach Humphrey to sliiiiiiiide on the floor like I do when we chase toys. But there's something wrong with him cuz he wants to pounce on me instead.

My foster mom says I'm a really special kitty because I passed my feline leukemia test and it seems kinda backwards to me but I guess that's the test everybody is 'sposed to fail. Anyway, cuz I passed, I need to live with other kitties who passed too, or else be the Only Kitty for my Special Purrrson in my Furrrever Home. Mostly what I need is lots of brushing (!!!) and good food and cuddling and a regular routine without too much stress. Not like I have to live in a bubble or anything...although if Humphrey couldn't get in....

I've been waiting for my Special Purrrson a whole year now, so I hope you're coming soon!


Call Molly to learn more about Chipmunk or to meet her in her foster home: 651-295-3758.

NOTE: In the interest of serving as many cats as possible, Feline Rescue occasionally promotes cats being taken care of by our friends and supporters. The cat(s) in this posting are NOT Feline Rescue cats and any adoption that may occur is an arrangement strictly between two independent parties.

For more information about Feline Rescue, Inc. and a complete listing of our available cats, go to the Feline Rescue website. If you'd like to hear more Feline Rescue stories and see more pictures of our cats, check out the Feline Rescue Blog!

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Saint Paul, MN

(651) 642-5900

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