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1 year, 11 months
Medium  |  Male

Zimmerman, MN


*Blind Dog*

*Cooper is Blind*
Date of birth (estimated): 10/1/15
Hello, I'm Cooper! I am a fun loving, playful pup who loves to snuggle in bed or on the couch as well as to chew on bones and play with friends. I may not be able to see you but I have a really good sense of smell and I hear so much. I have adapted to this whole blind thing really well- and I learned my foster Mom's house really quickly. Once I found the steps, now I run up them but still go cautiously down them. Sometimes, when I don't follow my fur siblings up, all she has to do is tell me to "come upstairs" and then I know where they are. I am really smart and am learning manners but I tend to nose into my foster Mom and will jump on her when she gets home because I'm so very happy and excited that she's home, and that way I know how close I am to her! I am looking for a forever family who will love me unconditionally, a best friend to be my eyes for me so that I don't get hurt or go somewhere that's not safe for me. I love to snuggle with my fur siblings and I also like to chew on them sometimes, so I would hope that they are nice to me. I need a family that is 100% committed to me and to make sure that I am always safe and snuggled. I learn quickly and love treats! We've been working on this thing that my foster mom says, "sit" I'm not exactly sure what the other dogs are doing but I'm hoping to figure it out soon. I will need a fenced in yard and to not be left unsupervised so that I don't poke my eyes. I am like any dog, that likes to run, jump, play, and cuddle. I really am the best snuggler! I love to sleep in bed with my foster Mom but am quite content on my own bed as well. As soon as I hear the treat jar open, I run to my crate and wait for her to give me my treat for being a good boy! ****CHECK OUT MY FACEBOOK PAGE: HANGIN' WITH MR COOPER*****
Good with Dogs: I love to play with my fur friends! I enjoy a good game of tug and I love to run around and chase them.
Good with Cats: I haven't met any kitties with my foster Mom but I don't know if I would be able to tell the difference!
House Trained: Yes, we are still working on a few accidents, but I can't see so it's hard for my foster mom to get too mad at me. I am really good when I'm on a routine and I will usually let my foster Mom know by nosing around.
Adoption Fee: $150

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Zimmerman, MN

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