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6 years, 7 months

Rockaway, NJ

Did you ever have something unpleasant happen to you in your past that haunts you? Corki has, and that is what is holding him back from being adopted into a forever home. We are not too sure what happened to this sweet, southern gentleman in his early life, but whatever it was, he remains one of the purest, most charming dogs we have ever had in the kennel. Corki even is a favorite of our founder.
Corki is fine with almost everything - walking, sitting, birdwatching, eating, snoozing - the one thing he is not fine with is someone sneaking up behind him and grabbing him. Someone or something did that to him in his past, and it scared him very badly. You can even see the results of this incident on the hairs on the back of his head.
So, Corki needs to go to a home where the occupants are - adults, dog savvy, dog respectful, and are willing to work with Corki within his personality and love him for it.
That all said, Corki is housebroken and housetrained. He takes treats sweetly and politely. Corki has wonderful car manners and enjoys taking drives. He is a dream to walk and takes care of the person walking him (like he did with our volunteers during this past icy winter). He knows basic commands and pretty much likes to walk a bit, sit a bit, eat a bit, and snooze a bit. He becomes incredibly loyal and mushy with his volunteer handlers.

If you think you might be his forever home, come meet him. You need to complete and submit an application to meet him, but that does not obligate you to take him. :)

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Rockaway, NJ

(973) 664-0865

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