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Courtesy Listing: Belz

American Staffordshire Terrier

2 years, 7 months
Medium  |  Female

San Diego, CA

Her History:
Feb 2015 I found her running aimlessly while I was pumping gas in Huntington Beach, Ca. She had no collar, no chip and she was not spayed. She was about 6 to 9 months old when I found her. I tried finding her owner but no luck. I've had her for a little over a year. As of June 2016 she's about 18 months old.
Her Present Life:
She currently lives in a medium sized 1 bedroom in Newport Beach, Ca. She lives with my 9 yr old female bulldog. They got along for the most part for about a year but just recently Belz has come into her own as an Adult and is trying to dominate my bulldog. This causes them to fight. I am working with a dog trainer to correct her dog aggression. It stems from wanting to dominate everyone most likely due to how she was bred. Also, it doesn’t help that they’re both females and that there’s such a large difference between their ages. It's now come to the point where they live in the same household but they must be separated by gates. I walk them together with no problem (which is a great sign) but they can no longer reside side by side in my small space of a house. They’re definitely friends but they can’t be roommates. This is not the right living situation for my pitbull, Belz. She really is a great dog and has tons of potential. She's good with kids. She's great with most people. She loves to lick people. She is very protective of the household and becomes alarmed whenever someone knocks on the door or enters the house. Basic obedience training needs to be instilled every day. As long as you continue to train her and exercise her daily (as I have) her behavior will keep improving. I have trained her with a professional dog trainer (on my own as well) and she has come such a long way. She improves every day and is always willing to learn. She is strong, playful, comical, loving, sweet, snuggly and very smart. She loves running on the beach and playing fetch.
Her Future:
Her new owner must be an experienced dog owner, and be able to provide her an active lifestyle. A yard would be best but she could live in a smaller space again as long as she is exercised thoroughly each day. She needs someone who is going to be a strong pack leader for her, someone who possibly has experience with this breed and someone who will continue to set rules and boundaries for her. Her new home would most likely be best if she was the only dog but I'm willing to consider putting her in a multiple dog household. It all depends on the other breeds and the owner. Putting her with other dominant breeds may not be the best choice.
Contact Info:
Orange County, Ca
Rehoming Fee: $100 to be donated to the rescue/organization that assists Belz in finding her her new owner
Willing to drive almost anywhere to make sure her next home is her “forever” home.

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