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Courtesy Listing: Polly Pocket

American Staffordshire Terrier

8 years, 5 months
Medium  |  Female

San Diego, CA

Polly Pocket is a champagne-colored, spayed, female APBT. Her full vetting included a dental, blood work, vaccines, microchip and she is now a healthy and happy girl. Polly's sad story began with her being found abandoned in a field and chained to a tree. She was very underweight and in bad shape overall. Nowadays she is perky and fun, and enjoys playing with toys and going for light walks. She is a very affectionate girl and loves to snuggle with her people. While Miss Polly is polite and well-behaved with other well-mannered dogs on leash, she does not have any interest in playing or interacting with them as friends, and would prefer to be in a home where she can have her people all to herself. She is not destructive in a home or yard environment, and is quite content to relax on a fluffy bed with a bone to chew. Polly seems okay with the polite children that she has met so far; we are not sure how she would do sharing a home with cats. She is a good watchdog and let's her people know when someone new is nearby, but she does not carry on barking. She loves car rides and has been very well-behaved when visiting dog-friendly stores, attractions, and restaurants; we recently took her to Lazy Dog Cafe and she was as good as gold. There were other dogs having lunch with their families, loud noises, curious canines, and she paid them no mind; she was so relaxed and had such good manners that she was able to enjoy her own hamburger comfortably while her handlers ate their own meals. Please contact Farren Mahone of Board-N-Behave in Wildomar, CA at (951) 775-1499 or, or on the Board-N-Behave Facebook page.

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San Diego, CA

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