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Domestic Short Hair


Fayetteville, GA

My name is Cricket…. And here is my story.
Well, where do I start…. I remember being outside in a very scary world that I couldn’t always see very well. I had a mom and siblings but Atlanta is a tough place for kittens and we didn’t fare very well. I was picked up by the Fulton County Animal control when I was only 4-5 weeks old!
The next thing I remember was being put in a cage all alone. My eyes haven’t ever worked very well so much of the next few days are a blurr…literally. I heard a very loud meowing from time to time all around me. I also heard humans. They tried to get my eyes healthy along with the rest of me.
One day, when I was a little older (6 weeks) and still pretty unsure of where I was, I saw 2 nice ladies from the Fayette Humane Society. They had driven a long way to rescue another kitten near me. As they were holding him, one of the ladies saw me all alone in the big cage. She immediately said that I wasn’t going to be left behind. They talked to the lady in charge and she explained that I had eye issues. They took me home anyway!!!!
Once in my foster home, I was given food, a tower to climb on, lots of warm blankets to sleep on, others to play with and best of all, I was loved and held all the time! Soon it was time to see a vet about my eyes…. We were all worried.
Sooooo the vet didn’t have very good news. One of my eyes had ruptured, leaving me with sight in only the other eye. He said that I probably had a disease from my mom. The disease would cause ulcers on my eyes. Unfortunately, I also had only part of each upper eye lid and what I did have had eye lashes that were turned under, irritating the eyes and ulcers.
Sounds gross, right? Well, there is a fix for the eye lash problem called cryo-surgery. What that means is, my eye lashes would be permanently removed so that they couldn’t ever rub again. This way, my good eye will stay out of danger and I will still be able to see!
Cricket was able to have the cryosurgery and is healing nicely. She is ready to be adopted to a forever family. Cricket is very affectionate. If you are interested in adopting her, please complete the pre-adopt below.

Interested in adopting?
Click the following link to complete a pre-adopt application:

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Fayetteville, GA

(770) 487-1073

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