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Cry Baby


3 years, 1 month

St. Cloud, FL

Cry Baby is a big mushy, squishy love in your face kinda guy! He is a couch potato but can be coaxed into playing with a laser light or play wand. Also, he'll leave his comfy spot for some treats. You'll come home to head bonks and wrap around leg hugs. Cry Baby is the name of a movie and of the main character played by Johnny Depp. Cry Baby - Johnny is a super cool, irresistible bad boy. However, this kitty is a super cool, irresistible good boy. Cry Baby was found in the middle of the street by a neighbor. He was very confused because his owner dumped him and he had never been outside. Thank goodness for this kind neighbor. Call or text Anita at 407 460 2305.

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St. Cloud, FL

(407) 460-2305

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