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American Hairless Terrier

Small  |  Male

Silverlake, WA

Adoption Fee: $200. I was hairless, but was cured by a Terrier from Manchester. Now, I have a lovely coat, of sparse fur. He would lick me all over for hours. ESveryone was so surprised. Im a chihhuahua about 2 and half with all my shots. They say Im a character just because Im a cuddle bug who will snuggle under mamas chin, paw pat my frightened new intakes that come to our rescue. I lay my paw on their heads or arms and bring them toys. Im silly and will bark when anyone conmes into the house, even if I know them but its just a game. My hobby is an amazing ability to sit on the back of the couch, watch every move that happens on that one big black window. If herds of elk try running thru my living room, I zoom up to the glass and bark them away, and my family is safe. I git lots of well earned praise for this. I prefer a fuzzy blankie to snuggle under and anaconda snake toys to hunt. I will be a bit scared at first so you will have to take me home and let me settle in with you. Im sure hoping you will give me a chance Iver come a long long way in socializarions and educations. My foster Mom needs to find me a safe loving Mom as she is ill. Im full of love

fee for non profit is 225

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Silverlake, WA

(360) 749-6711

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