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German Shepherd Dog

7 years, 3 months

Priest River, ID

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Let me introduce myself. I am Cynder, a large Bi-color male German Shepherd dog. My life before SGSR brought me into the fold was not too good. I was found wandering the streets in a small town near Fayetteville with my friend Simba, who is also with SGSR now.

So when I say I am large, I mean really large. Unfortunately Simba and I did not get a lot to eat when we were on our own. I currently weigh only 85 pounds and you can see my ribs. Based on how tall I am, my foster mom thinks I will easily be over 100 pounds after a few more months of good groceries. Even though I am tall enough to lick food off of the kitchen counters and need to put on weight, I have never gone counter surfing. Mom says I am trustworthy. I like the sound of that!

I have a foster sister named Lucy. She is also a German Shepherd and I like her a lot. When we first met I was a little too excited and she let me know. Mom says I am very easily corrected and once Lucy told me what was acceptable we became fast friends. Now we take turns chasing each other in the backyard. My foster mom says that neither of us are alpha dogs which is probably why we get along so well. We even share bones and eat together!

In addition to Lucy, I love toys. Playing ball is really fun and now that I am getting enough food I will play as long as you want to. My favorite toy is a Hedgehog! I carry him around all the time.

What I like most of all is people! I like all people, even ones that I do not know. People are great and have many uses. They are fun to follow around the house, they put groceries in my bowl and they pet me. One of my favorite uses for people is as a leaning post. When people pet me, I lean into them so they know I am there and don’t stop.

There are a few things I don’t like. I do not like being in a crate or by myself. The crate is not an issue as I am trustworthy. Did I tell you I like the sound of that? Being alone has not been a problem either because my foster mom always makes sure that Lucy is with me when she goes out. I love Lucy! We patiently wait for mom to come while we play with our toys. Did I tell you I like toys?

I walk very well on a leash unless I see a squirrel. I just don’t like them. I think that they are up to no good and want to be sure Lucy, my foster mom and hedgehog are not in any danger. My foster mom thinks it is because I have some prey drive. This makes no sense to me as I am not overly religious and have no interest in getting behind the wheel of a car to go to church. I like the idea of church, because I have been told there are lots of people there to lean on. That being said, a home without small dogs or cats is probably a good idea.

I am also proud to tell you I have never had an accident in the house!

My mom says I am wonderful and I agree. My ideal home will have another wonderful dog that can be my friend like Lucy and Simba. If my furever home has balls and a hedgehog it would be perfect. I am being fostered near Durham and would really like to meet you. If you have a dog that can be my playmate can contact your adoption coordinator today? I will be holding interviews soon!

Our adoption process consists of a telephone interview, a call to your veterinarian and a home visit. If you have any questions about the adoption process please contact .

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