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Boston Terrier

6 years

Little Elm, Tx

~~Meet Darwin!
Darwin, aka Darwin G. Knickerbocker, is a 5-6 year old Boston Terrier mix. We’re not sure what he is mixed with, but he has floppy ears, a full tail, and he’s got a good bit of gold in his coat that makes him appear brindle in the sunlight. He exhibits herding and pointing behaviors so there’s a good chance he’s mixed with a herding dog (like a Border Collie or Aussie), and probably a hunting-type dog (like a Lab). There’s really no telling what his heritage is without a genetic test, but we do know that he’s a fun-loving, relatively active dog who loves to go for long walks, an occasional jog, and he loves to chew on cow hooves.
Darwin’s History…
Darwin’s right eye was ruptured when we found him in a shelter. Judging from the scrapes and other wounds on his face and body, it appeared he had been in a tussle with another animal. We pulled him from the shelter, had him neutered and his ruptured eye removed ASAP, and he went to a foster home to recuperate. It wasn’t long before we realized that Darwin was quite protective of his right side – and his right rear leg, in particular. That’s not surprising since he had just lost sight on that side, and we imagine his right knee was also injured somewhere along the way.
Fast forward almost a year…
Darwin was adopted, but he was returned last summer because he ended up fighting with the resident dog. Due to the nature of the fights, we opted to enroll Darwin in an immersive board and train program with a certified dog trainer where he earned high marks during the eight week program. The trainer identified a couple triggers for Darwin and worked diligently to begin desensitizing him. Darwin has been in his current foster home (DFW area, TX) since late last summer and his foster mom continues to work on desensitizing him to his triggers, while socializing him with other dogs. He has even been “interviewed” and approved to join a doggie play group at a local doggie daycare facility. He visits his friends and favorite camp counselors a few times a month to reinforce his socialization and burn some energy in the play yards.
Darwin is a smart boy who loves to play. He can be a little rambunctious and he’s larger than a normal Boston Terrier so a dog-savvy, active home with older children (10+) would be ideal. Resident dog(s) should be relatively easy-going to ensure a good match.

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Little Elm, Tx

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