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9 years, 6 months

Tampa, FL


Hi! My name is Dash and I am a handsome, loving, quirky guy. I will need a very specific type of home but I am worth it - I will love you forever!
- No kids
- No other dogs
- Fenced yard

My likes:
- Snuggling. Right in your face. I may weigh 27 pounds but I have the soul of a lap dog. Most of the time I will take the hint and snuggle beside you if you need your lap for other things. I also like to tunnel under the blankets on your bed but my foster home doesn't allow that.
- Playing fetch/catch. I am really good at this game and will play it as long as you will. I love to chase the ball and bring it back. I'll even drop it close enough so you don't have to get out of your chair.
- Eating. I'm a beagle. 'Nuff said. I had some extra weight on me when I came to the rescue but have lost it and will need you to help me stay at a healthy weight.
- Approval. I am smart and really want to please my family. I bet you could teach me lots of things! I have shown perfect potty habits in my foster home.

My dislikes:
- Dogs that are bigger than me. They make me very nervous and I may react by barking and even lunging at them. Lucky for me, most big dogs don't react the same way. I often get along just fine with dogs smaller than me, and my foster home has a guinea pig that I pretty much ignore.
- The dog park. I will need a home with a fenced yard so I can play fetch but not have to worry about other dogs.
- Vacuum cleaners. Brooms. Treadmills. Lawnmowers. I get a bit stressed and will protect you from them by doing my best to destroy them.

If you read all the way to the end of this narrative and are interested in meeting Dash, please contact us for a private meet up to see what a great dog he is! If you have any questions we'd be happy to talk with you.

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Tampa, FL

(813) 446-9663

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