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Delgado - Courtesy Post

Pit Bull Terrier

Medium  |  Male

Beverly Hills, CA

Posted by Dana Haveson
Hello Escondido Friends. looking for someone that can take this poor boy. Here is Delgado's story.
Delgado is such a sweet and handsome boy, but he really needs some help. He has lived outside, all alone on a steel cable, for the last 6 + years of his life, outside a filthy trailer where he is neglected day and night, year after year. If it weren't for a kind couple that checks on him daily (for over 6 years!), he would not have food, water, shelter or bedding. The only time he has been inside in these 6 years is when his "family" agreed to let the kind woman take him to the vet when he was bit by a rattlesnake. She also footed the bill for that, rather than let him die, which his "family" was perfectly willing to do. Now the "family" is being evicted from their dirt patch, which is the only "home" Delgado has ever known. They don't intend to take him, and if we don't find a home for him soon, they will just let him loose in the hills and leave. They have done this before, but this time no one will be there when he finds his way back.
As with all of us, Delgado's dream life is a little specific though. Here are his list of wishes:
1. He wants a home where he is the only pet, unless his new person is REALLY EXPERIENCED with dogs as wonderful as Delgado, and knows how to help everybody get acquainted and become buddies (and can prove it).
2. He wants a home where he can be outside a lot, but come in when he wants to be close to his peeps, or when he needs comfort and shelter. He wants a family that understands that he will try his best to be a good boy, but he doesn't know all the rules to living in a house yet. He really hopes someone will let him try, though. Eventually living outside 24/7 gets harder on the old bones, you know?
3. He wants a family that will teach him. He is so eager to learn, and he wants to be a good boy so badly. You can just see it in the barely contained butt wiggle when he is told "SIT". He is so enthusiastic about being a good listener, he wants to make someone happy so badly, you can see it in his eyes too!
4. He likes kids and wants to give them all GREAT BIG HUGS and SUPER SLOPPY KISSES! Since he doesn't really understand that SUPER SLOPPY KISSES are a little much for the little ones, bigger kids or adults only might be better. Again, if his new family knows what they are doing (and can prove it) kids might be ok. Delgado certainly loves all the hugs he can get...
Can you please share Delgado's story? I know there are a million stories on FB of needy dogs looking for help. All we can do is hope there is a perfect match out there for each one of them. Help Delgado find his.
It is getting worse now that it is so hot. He really needs help fast.
Alicia 310.266.0458

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