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Donna Dave feels like change is in the air


4 years, 2 months
Medium  |  Female

Lyons, IL


~~Donna Dave feels like change is in the air When are you coming?
Donna Dave and her best friend were initially brought to Chicago Animal Care and Control by their owners who couldn'€™t keep them. They were housed together in a cage but somehow Donna escaped. When a rescue came for them they took her best friend and she stayed behind. For few weeks she managed to find food and hide so well that everyone thought she was completely lost. Eventually hunger won over and she walked into trap. But now she was all alone, the place seemed even scarier and there was not much hope. Lucky for her we knew her story from the beginning and moved quickly to get her out. We can only guess what Donna'€™s history is and what experience made her a bit shy with strangers. But once she feels assured no one will harm her and relaxes with all the new smells and sounds she will come to seek your attention and she really likes cuddles and pets!. A soft touch of a paw, gentle rub of a cheek, a little whisper of a meow that's the real Donna Dave. Once you win her over you will have a faithful companion for years to come. Donna does fine with other cats and nice, well behaved dogs and would really like to have a cat buddy to play, cuddle and exchange grooming.

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Lyons, IL

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