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Orlando, FL

Dupree, also known as Super Duper is literally one of my favorite fosters at Kathy and John 's house. He's a BIG kitty - and I love big kitties. He's Handsome - and I mean Dreamboat kind of handsome. He's playful and affectionate. When I go over to kathy's to help take care of the fosters, I first run into Dupree's room so I can spend some time loving on him and playing before I start the work.

Now, keep in mind, I've known Dup's a long time -- as long as he's been at Kathy's. So, he's used to me. He is an adult cat and a bit shy but he loves snacks, and loves playing with a teaser stick – so it will just take a little time and it’ll be a match made in Heaven.

Dupree stayed in a bedroom with his buddy Mauli and his "adopted mom" Esmerelda for a couple years ... we'd go in and play with him - but he didn't have access to a lot of other cats. Now he gets out in the house with all the other cats and he does tend to want to be the Alpha. So he may be best suited to be an only cat - or adopt with his buddy Mauli or with Esmerelda.

Call Kathy and John at 407-859-9572, or email Dawn at for more information.

For more photos, see his photo album at

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Orlando, FL

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