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10 years, 2 months

Williamston, MI


Dusty's expression says it all - she has definite preferences and ideas! Dusty's owner recently passed away so she is living in a foster home. She is obese & is on a diet. She does not like to be handled too much and does not like to be picked up. She loves to be brushed!! She will occasionally play with toys.
Dusty only does things on her terms. She will take a long to warm up to people and other cats but she has always been in a multi cat house. She does want attention but she is not a cuddly, sit on your lap cat. Dusty likes to be pet but only for a short time.
Since she is so obese, she needs help cleaning her rear end. She pretty good for that. She needs regular sani-trims.
Dusty really needs a person who is tolerant of a crotchety calico. She has always lived with elderly people in the past and has done well. The problem is they tend to pass she has been bounced a few times already. We don't know how she will do around kids. She tends to like males better than females. Dusty has always lived with male cats too.

Est DOB: 05/01/07

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Williamston, MI

(734) 506-8228

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