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Cattle Dog

Medium  |  Male

Arcadia, FL

Filling out an application from our web site at is the first step in adopting a new furry family member.

Filling out an application from our web site at is the first step in adopting a new furry family member.

NAME: Eddie
BREED: Cattle dog mix
SEX: male
COLOR: Brindle/white
AGE: 3 1/2 yrs as of July 2012
WEIGHT: 32 lbs



Eddie is a 3.5 yr old, 32 lb mixed breed. He definitely has some type of herding breed in him because he likes to nip when he plays and he also enjoys herding his chihuahua foster siblings to their dismay. His foster mom is working with him to become more gentle with the human nip playing.

He was taken to Animal Services after being hit by a car and his surgery was sponsored by Animal Network. When his foster mom pulled him from Animal Services, he had already completely healed from his surgery.

His positives are that he never meets a stranger. He loves everyone and everything. He is also a great guard dog that will bark when someone is at the door. And he is not an excessive barker. His negatives are that he loves to chew on things. This may be something he will grow out of. To prevent her from continuous shoe replacement shopping, his foster mom keeps him busy with lots of chew toys and bones.

Eddie does have a bit of a rough exterior. At 32 lbs he has alot of muscle, but he also has a tendency to be a bit of a fat boy. He is short and stocky. And he is the clumsiest dog you will ever meet. Pictures will NEVER do this little guy justice. He sometimes rolls over on his back while on the couch and will slide off the couch head first to land in the same spot on his back and he is unfazed. If he jumps up on you, he sometimes doesnt lands, but rather falls over on his side. Keep in mind, this chunky monkey can't jump that high. I mean he barely gets his paws off the ground. Again, recovering unfazed to continue jumping for human attention. He is quite the character and anyone who has met him has a tendency to fall in love with his carefree personality.

We do not recommend Eddie for a home that has small children or an elderly couple due to his clumsy behavior and the fact that he is totally oblivious to his size. He is convinced that he only weighs 5lbs. He has been around and lived with cats. Whether he could live with your cat would depend completely on your cat's response to him being in the home. If the cat runs from Eddie he automatically goes into hunt mode. If the cat stands his ground, Eddie will back down and only want to sniff curiously and eventually try to get the cat to play with him.

As I said, he has lived with small dogs and his reaction to them is comical. If he gets too close to the small ones, some will fuss at him and even back him up a bit. He just looks at them as if to say, "What did I do?" If one of the more blazen ones tries to play with him, he loves it and has shown great restraint as to not to play too rough.

Eddie is definitely a special dog and he deserves a home where he will get lots of love and attention. He loves to lay on the couch next to you as you rub his back and tummy. He also will give you sloppy wet kisses as long as you will allow him to.

We recommend a nice sized fenced yard for Eddie to roam and chase squirrels in. However, he is to live inside with his humans.

Eddie has been sponsored by Al & Elaine's Legacy. Therefore, he has a very small adoption donation as long as we find the best home for this guy. To find out more about Eddie's adoption process, please contact Kerry Barnes @ (941) 400-7399 or


The following has been or will be done for this dog...
- Basic Exam by Veterinarian
- Spayed or Neutered
- Heartworm Tested
- Placed on heartworm preventive
- Basic Bloodwork
- Urinalysis
- Microchipped
- Intestinal Parasite Exam and medication
- Vaccinations
- Placed on Flea preventive


This adoption donation helps to cover the vet expenses for this dog including heartworm preventive which is dispensed at the initial vet visit and then goes with the dog at adoption. All vet records will be provided to adopter.

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Arcadia, FL

(863) 491-6888

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