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3 years, 10 months
Medium  |  Male

Rockaway, NJ

EJ would love to have his forever home for the holidays, he is such a good boy and so goofy he makes everyone laugh and smile. He is housebroken, walks well on a harness and is so smart and treat oriented that he will be perfectly trained in no time . He knows sit and down. All he wants to do is be close to you and rest his head on your chest and star into your eyes with those big beautiful brown eyes of his.
He has a lot of energy and loves to run around in the backyard, he lives with 2 cats and gets along well with them. He loves to play, but his biggest thing is he loves is to steal treats and run off with them. LOL

EJ was found on the streets with a broken jaw that had fused back incorrectly, making it impossible for this little puppy to eat or drink. EJ was starving to death. His jaw was reset correctly and he was sent to 11th Hour to find his forever home. While in foster and as EJ grew his jaw bone fused together again. The poor little guy was again unable to open his mouth even for a treat. He had a second surgery OCT 3rd that removed more of his jaw bone so that it would not fuse up again. The surgeon was able to remove enough so the he has more motion then he had before, not full motion but enough that he can eat a treat or lick peanut butter from a spoon and even drink water like a normal dog as well as being able to pant to cool himself off.
EJ is currently gaining weight and he loves to eat. He can actually bark now and will let you know when he hears anyone or anything around the house or coming in the door. He loves to play with socks and will run circles around you while you try to catch him. He loves to sleep with you and will stay by your side all night. He loves car rides - he will sit right in the passenger seat and put his head on the arm rest so you can pet him and he will look at you the whole time. I have never seen a dog look into your eyes as intensely as he does.
EJ is very smart and is a good listener - of course he is with those ears!! He shows no sign of food aggression with his human friends. He is learning quickly and is very treat motivated which is fantastic. He is so eager to please and easily trained.
WARNING—EJ has the biggest, sweetest brown eyes that will melt your heart. Humans need to be aware that they will fall in love quickly and deeply for this guy.
Please fill out an application if you would like to have EJ join your family.

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Rockaway, NJ

(973) 664-0865

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