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American Staffordshire Terrier

6 years, 10 months
Large  |  Female

Fredericksburg, VA


Great family dog! Loves kids.

I am Fallyn, and I love you.
Really. Just you. Right now. I might love someone else in a minute, but right now, you are The One. How about a kiss?
Wait, is that a dog? I love dogs too, I think. They don't always understand me, but I love them. People tell me I don't know how to approach them right, but I am working on it.
Can you walk with me? I'm a good runner if you want a running partner. Or throw a ball for me? Will you be my friend?
I love you. Take me home.

More about Fallyn:
Fallyn is an energetic girl who is eager to please! Fallyn loves going outside for her exercise. Especially with her backpack. She typcially carries a full load (water, leashes, collars, bags, tennis ball) during walks. She loves hiking and LOVES the water. She is an amazing swimmer!
Fallyn is super affectionate and very sweet. She does love her belly rubbed and loves threats! She is fine when you; grab her tail, rub her ears (in and out), manipulate her paws/toes, mouth/teeth, legs, hinds, belly, neck.
She is:
- Housebroken
- Quiet
- Affectionate
- Eager to please
- Basically obedience trained (needs work)
- Crate trained
- Respects furniture and non-dog items.
- Great in the car (she typically lays down)
Fallyn is very enthusiastic when meeting new people and can be jumpy. She is intelligent and food motivated, and we have made good progress working on this. Fallyn loves people so much she will need to be the only animal in her forever home.

Ask About Me
Fredericksburg, VA

(540) 645-9385

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