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Midway City, CA

THE PIT BULL AND THE CHIHUAHUA – A LOVE STORY They were spotted walking together along the road, but soon disappeared into a field. So began the rescuer’s quest to get the two off the street. Her persistence eventually paid off as she spotted them in the distance. She called out, hoping they would respond. The pit bull came to her immediately. He was a gentle, sweet dog. It was apparent that he was a senior and very tired. He barely had the energy to get into the car, but he did with a little help. The little Chihuahua was a bit more of a problem, darting back and forth, not trusting the situation – so the rescuer just stood by the car and waited to see if the little dog would seek out his friend. Sure enough he soon decided to take a chance and hopped up into the car to be with his buddy. The dogs were taken to Orange County Animal Care Center.The following morning, the volunteer went to Orange County shelter to rescue the two dogs, where she saw them sleeping side by side. The little Chihuahua had to stay to be neutered, so the senior pit bull was taken to our kennel. He was very sweet, no aggression at all, and he allowed the volunteer to pick him up and put him in her car. Two days later a volunteer went to pick up the chihuahua, a sweet little dog. The worker at the shelter said he seemed a little forlorn, and may have been missing his friend. It was true – he looked at you with weary eyes, his tail and ears held low, and walked with a slow gait. Arriving at the kennel, the pit bull was fetched for the reunion. It could not have been more rewarding for the change in the little Chihuahua was immediate – up came that tail and those ears, and he ran up to the pit bull, smelling him all over. The pit bull being a little older and more sedentary, simply licked him in the face. They had found each other again - our little odd couple...Oscar and Felix. Sadly Oscar passed away one year ago. Little Felix, more than ever, needs his own home. Won't you consider being his hero? Donation of $150 for dog adoption includes spay/neuter, vaccinations, and a microchip. Applications require a veterinary reference and home visit(in Orange County, CA). For more information on adoption policies visit our homepage at Contact us by e-mail:, or by phone (714)893-4393

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Midway City, CA

(714) 893-4393

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