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Finn (Most Friendly EVER!)


Small  |  Male

Jacksonville, FL

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Our handsome Finn wants the world to know that he is the SWEETEST cat you will ever meet! Finn was born on the mean streets of Los Angeles. His mother disappeared. His siblings, one by one, were hit by cars, poisoned, attacked by stray dogs, and they never made it out alive. Sadly, this is not uncommon for feral and domesticated cats who live outdoors; their lifespans are dramatically shortened compared to the cats who are raised indoors and given proper veterinary care and nutritious food.
As the lone survivor, Finn did his best to fend for himself. He begged for food from door to door. He tried to entertain himself during the wee hours of the morning by crossing the streets and exploring the neighborhood. He got into a lot of cat fights which explains his tattered ears. He picked up a few girlfriends along the way, and fathered a few litters until The Fuzzy Pet Foundation - stepped in and rescued the entire family of cats and kittens.
Our volunteers affectionately call Fin the "sea otter" because he looks like one with an adorably round face! He is EXTREMELY mellow, gentle, and quiet. He is loving and wants to follow around his caregivers everywhere. Finn rolls up into a tight ball in our arms and falls asleep. He enjoys being held and sitting on laps. Finn gives us a gentle nudge with his head to let us know he is around and waiting to be loved. He has such a special and sweet personality.
Finn is three years old, and has received extensive medical treatment for ear mites, upper respiratory, and a wound on his leg. He now has a clean bill of health.
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