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Dutch Shepherd

Medium  |  Female

San Francisco, CA

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Fiona, spayed female, 8 months old, 46 Lbs.
Breed : Dutch Shepherd Mixed
Fiona and Felisa, the brindle beauties of different colors, are puppies of a pregnant stray dog called "Donna" by the neighborhood, the mother gave birth to her babies after a few days of her abundance at the park, where nearby residents do their daily dog walking. To keep them from hazard, someone was kind enough to build them a small shelter to stay from the cold. Donna was so amiable and delightful that everybody adored her and supplied her with food to make sure that her babies were well fed. In return, Donna showed her friendliness and generosity by letting everybody cuddle her new born babies. Her trust for humans, ironically, caused them misfortune.
Two weeks later, Donna was found searching everywhere in anxiety.
Both her babies were gone!
It took the residents three days to found Donna's babies. They had been taken away by the dog catcher and caged in the public shelter. These two strong puppies survived from hunger and coldness and finally got their happy reunion with their caring mom.
After the incident, the neighborhood decided to find them a foster family to stay together. And now the babies, named Fiona and Felisa, are strong and healthy and ready for adoption.
After staying with their loving mother for months, they are extremely stable, and gradually independent from their mother. The sibling sisters are intelligent and as amiable as Donna. Between them, Fiona is the stronger leader whereas Felisa, plays the follower. Both do their commands very well, walk well on leash, and behave friendly to strangers and children.
Puppies, mentally and physically, do best growing up without separated with their mother. Fiona and Felisa are the best examples. Outstanding in outlook and temperament, they are perfect pets for everyone and hope you are the lucky human to own their companionship.
Energy level medium
Does the dog get along with other dogs at home? YES in a public place? YES
Is the dog Skittish (afraid sudden noise and movement, will try to get out of collar when scared) NO
Shy dog is just shy, not afraid of noise or sudden movement, will warm up faster than skittish dog YES
Is the dog people friendly YES, children friendly YES
Does the dog bark continuously when left along? NO chew a lot NO
does the dog gets along with cats ? YES
housetrained or not? YES outside YES
good walk on leash or not? YES any basic training? SIT
Is the dog afraid of man? NO
How is the dog with new environment? NEEDS FEW DAYS TO ADAPT IN NEW ENVIRONMENT
Does the dog have food aggression with other dogs? YES
Can people touch the food in the bowl while the dog is eating? YOU CAN TOUCH HER AS YOU WANT
Has the dog ever bitten anyone? NO
Are there any red flags we should know? NO

Please visit to view Fiona's videos, profile and fill out an online application.

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San Francisco, CA

(415) 221-5733

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