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Fleur's Bboy



Sandpoint, ID


Fleur's Big Boy is really cute and loving. Still very shy. Has been run over by the other puppies so he stays clear. You would think he could stand his own being the largest of all puppies, but not so. He is caught here bathing in the water bowl. Darn have to change the water again. And she is going to put me in the pen cause it is bed time. And I wasn't done playing. He can't be registered because his dad's mom was accidently killed and she was cremated, and we didn't even think about getting her DNA which is required to be registered in the Biewer clubs. Our Biewer line originates out of Germany and were purchased from a breeder in Florida for $3500 for each of our dogs. So this $500 price is really reasonable if you just want a loving pet. Like Black and Gold Yorkies, he is non-allergenic, and doesn't shed. Likes to sleep with you so guard your pillow. His weight today March 13, 2014, is 6 lbs 9 oz and this is his adult weight. He lives in Sandpoint, ID, and Spokane Washington is the nearest airport. He is old enough to fly to his new home if they are not within the driving distance of Sandpoint.

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