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6 years, 3 months
Large  |  Male

Glendale , AZ


There is a lot a Frasier to love, this is one BIG cat. Frasier Don't let that fool you - he is truly a lover boy and will sit on your lap for hours on end. He likes to sleep with you at night, either next to your pillow or cuddled next to your side. Frasier likes to give head bonks - on any part of your body! He will just walk up to you and bonk his head into your leg or hand or side or shoulder, what ever part of your body he can reach. Frasier is also a very playful boy and will play with just about any toy - he will play by himself or with you if you have a wand toy. He took awhile to get used to the other cats in his foster home so an appropriate introduction is necessary. Now he likes to romp around the house with them. Frasier likes to be up high so a cat tree would be great (maybe a BIG tree for this BIG boy). A scratching post is a must with Frasier or he will scratch on your door jams. Please don't let his size scare you away - he really is a wonderful boy.

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Glendale , AZ

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