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Gaz Tzu

Shih Tzu

Small  |  Male

Templeton, CA

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Gaztzu Was born in 2006. He is around 20 pounds. He is a mix between a Shitzu and an unknown type of terrier.
He came from a group of 35 dogs that were being kept in a one bedroom apartment. For his first couple of years he never left his apartment & he was free to interbreed. Finally the "owner" realized that her dog situation was out of control & she called in a local rescue. 35 dogs (that all looked almost identical) were to much for just one rescue to handle & so we were asked to take some of the dogs.
The dogs came in in 2007, covered in feces, mats and lice. After several baths & some much needed brushing, they all turned out to be quite adorable! Although they have not had much socialization, they have come around quite nicely. Some of them are still a bit shy at first when meeting new people, but none have shown any tendency to bite. All of them are coming up to us & wagging their tails. They are starved for affection. If you are looking for a nice companion dog, please consider one of these dogs. We would like the rest of their years to be filled with good things!
This great dog is all ready for a new home! The adoption donation of $200.00 pays for this dog's medical care & also contributes to the medical care needed by other dog's that come into our rescue. (some dogs need hundreds of dollars worth of care to make them adoptable) Why purchase a dog for hundreds of dollars (that still needs vaccinations & neutering & microchip) when you can get this darling dog that already has everything and help other dogs at the same time??? Every life is precious! Thank you for your support.

Call us at 805 674-1236 to make an appointment to see our fosters.. 9:00am - 6:00 pm California time please!

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