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Domestic Medium Hair


Morgan Hill, CA

Lookin' for a cow-kitty? Then Gracie's lookin' for you! :) Thankfully someone was lookin' for Gracie and her siblings, too. Or should we say, lookin'-out for. Gracie and 8 other prewean kittens were found in a box in a handicapped parking space in Hellyer Park when they were just 2 weeks old. Their eyes barely opened, their first look at the world was in a box, but with loving care in their foster home and being spoiled by their human mom, this litter of kittens blossomed into loving little purrboxes. Gracie's a fun-loving kitty with an independent spirit. Nothing phases her, nor seems to intimidate her. She's fearless, and doesn't mind telling you about it. A typical kitten, she's playful, fun-loving, and just a hoot to watch. Put them all together and you have Gracie, a sweet kitty just waiting to take over your life with her charm. She's quite a playful girl, then will top-off the night with a nap. She gets along well with her siblings and other fostermates, so should easily adapt to a new family. Adopting a kitten is a 10-20 year commitment, is beneficial because they readily adapt to their new home, and will provide many years of love, devotion, entertainment, and companionship. Gracie's ideal humans are those who crave the fun, energy, joy, and inquisitiveness of a kitten, and will happily include her in their daily activities. She'll do best in an active home with another pet (hopefully her sister Purrla;,brothers McKinney, Oakley, Rooney, and Willoughy; or a fostermate) and older children to keep him company. With a loving family, she'll be a wonderful and constant companion for many years. Born in March 2014, Gracie is a white and gray DMH female, is spayed, has age-appropriate vaccinations (FVRCP), tested negative for FIV/FeLV, dewormed, deflead, and microchipped for identification. She uses the litterbox and scratching post, and must be indoors-only. Please contact Gracie's foster mom at or call (408) 681-3788 (voicemail) for more information about adoption; messages returned within 24 hours.

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Morgan Hill, CA

(408) 681-3788

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