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Domestic Medium Hair

12 years, 9 months
Medium  |  Female

Sherman Oaks, CA

She and her companion kitty belonged to a married woman who lost her battle with cancer. Her husband decided to take the cats to live at his auto shop where Hope's companion soon was killed by a car. Hope then was kept in a carrier during the day and allowed to roam the premises at night.
But the loss of her human "mom" and kitty friend and stress of this situation soon took its toll: she began losing weight and soon became a shadow. A concerned man became aware of this situation and contacted us about her. We knew her chances of survival were very slim, as she had an advanced case of hepatic lipidosis - a condition which cats sometimes develop for various reasons including stress. But it was apparent the widower was prepared to let her suffer and die and we just couldn't see that happen. We accepted her into the Sanctuary so that she could spend her final days, loved, safe and warm. She was not interested in eating, emaciated and jaundiced when she arrived. Our veterinarians gave her a poor prognosis but were willing to try and so were we.
Our staff nursed her round-the-clock with hand feedings (we later found she only preferred dry food), fluids and medication. It took about 6 weeks but slowly Hope's condition began to turn around. Our doctors were amazed and called it nothing short of a miracle. Thanks to her will to live and our heroic, loving staff, you see her pictured here today, a normal kitty again, although doubtless physically scarred by her incredible ordeal.
Her love of life hasn't changed, even as an older cat, she absolutely loves attention and is very affectionate. If you're looking for a super sweet best friend, you and Hope could create a bright, new future together!

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