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Hold ???


3 years, 3 months

Port Orange, FL


*****THIS LITTLE BOY WAS ON HOLD BEING TESTED FOR THE WOLF SABLE GENES, HE TESTED AY / A...***** There is only 1 sweet little boy left to be placed... He is White and appears to be staying Ice White when he comes into his adult coat... Their mommy is Black & Tan (P.I.T.A.) and daddy is Lance (Ice White)... I have produced Cream, Creamy White, Ice White, Cream Sable and Wolf Sable out of these breedings... PLEASE feel free to CALL ME or email me ANYTIME on this little boy or any others we have available... Thank You, Tammy 386-527-5556 is my cell number... I stay up very late and accept phone calls until at least 12:00 AM / Mid-night...

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