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Small  |  Female

Kansas City, MO

Jasmine is an absolutely adorable roughly 3 year old Shih Tzu/Beagle mix. She is very sweet and very vocal and loves to talk to you.
Jasmine is a special needs dog and we are seeking a very special home for her. Jasmine's past life was not wonderful. She did live in a home with a family that for the most part left her outside. Because she was not inside, they never noticed she had a bladder infection and it went untreated for years. When she came to us she was peeing straight blood and was rushed into emergency surgery to remove a half dollar sized bladder stone.
We thought everything was fine and her life could move forward from there but that was not to be. Because of her years of neglect additional stones had formed in her urethra and she has had to undergo two additional surgery's one of which was an experimental surgery on her actual urethra.
Jasmine is a fighter and she has come through everything with flying colors. Because of the extensive surgery's and the damage that was irreparable to her urethra Jasmine will need to be able to potty whenever she feels the urge and she will likely always have blood in her urine and pass blood clots frequently.
She is piddle pad trained but does also have some times when she just can't make it to the piddle pad in time. She will require a special diet that promotes urinary health and she will likely be on antibiotics for the rest of her life. She will need frequent urine testing as well to make sure no infection has returned.
Now having said all the bad things....let me tell you how wonderful she is. She's happy and bouncy and loves to play with other dogs. She's also bossy and a big drama queen but I think she deserves to be a drama queen after all she's gone through. She's adorable and she LOVES to go on walks and lay in the grass. She talks to you all the time as well and lets you know if there are any strangers around so she'd make a great watch dog.
Jasmine DOES require grooming as she has the Shih Tzu hair that will continue to grow and become matted. Grooming is needed about every 4 months or so.
We are looking for a special home for this special lady so she can finally see what it is like to live the life of a pampered pooch.
If you are interested in giving Jasmine a new home, please complete our online application which can be found at or contact us by email for more information.

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Kansas City, MO

(816) 361-7829

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2 years ago

looking for a small female dog a yorkie.


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