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Pit Bull Terrier

Large  |  Male

Dallas, GA

Friends to the Forlorn Adopt-a-Bull

Jasper was pulled from Cobb County Animal Control 6 years ago by our friend, Brittany. Brittany and her husband independently fostered him and their friend Allison sponsored his vetting. They screened potential adopters using applications, charged an adoption fee, and had an adoption contract signed by what they believed was the perfect family for Jasper. Unfortunately, this is not always fool-proof. Despite their efforts in taking the correct steps to finding Jasper his forever home, they got a call 6 years later that he had been dumped at the Dallas Texas Animal shelter half way across the country.

There was no explanation given as to why he was dumped at the shelter, except that the brother of the female owner was told to drop him off. We suspect Jasper had been through at least two homes based on his name change, but cannot be sure of what he has endured. After several discussions with the shelter, Brittany discovered Jasper was also heart-worm positive. Her own heart was broken and she knew she couldn't fail him this time.

Jasper's most recent rescue effort began on social media. He was being shared in hopes of finding him a home or somehow finding a ride back to Georgia. A friend and previous Forlorn adopter, Lori, contacted Brittany and offered to step up and transport Jasper all the way from Texas! Though the surrounding circumstances were awful, Brittany was excited to be reunited with Jasper.

Once his travel was secured, Brittany reached out to us. She explained what it meant to have Jasper back home with her and to get him healthy. She's a firm believer that if you decide to dedicate yourself to an animal, you should continue to do so even if things change down the road. Brittany gets it - this is what FTTF is about. The right thing to do was to once again save Jasper from the failings of the humans he trusted to care and keep him safe. With Brittany as Jasper's trusted foster-mom, we will treat his heartworms and get him ready for adoption. Despite the many scars Jasper carries and him being heart-worm positive, he is a happy, beautiful American Bulldog. After a few weeks on his pre-heartworm treatment medication, he will undergo the heartworm treatment and be in recovery for a few months. When he is healthy, Jasper will become available for adoption once again. This time we will find him a forever home that will give him the love he deserves!

More Pictures of Jasper:

Our adoption fee is $195 – All dogs are current on vaccinations, spayed or neutered, micro-chipped, on heartworm prevention, and are fed top of the line grain-free food.

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