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2 years, 9 months
Small  |  Male

Dallas, TX

JayD is a mix ...unsure if any chihuahua as we thought when he was young , he's quite tall as you can see in picture. Possibly has whippet and chihuahua mix. He is very playful , good with cats and other dogs, crate trained , potty trained , neutered , and doesn't bark thing he can jump very high so there has to be 6 foot privacy wood fence . Unfortunately he is very skittish and his foster mom has not been able to socialize him much outside of her home along with her other dogs due to certain circumstances , but will be working with him as much as she can. He does love to cuddle next to you , at least once all his energy is expended. Lol. He doesn't do well in public and tries to escape his collar at this time so any inquiries can be made to Cody's and his foster mom is always willing to chat with prospective adopters.

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Dallas, TX

(214) 693-3100

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