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5 years, 8 months
Medium  |  Female

Saint Paul, MN

I'm a sweet girl looking for a home, a sad story just waiting for a happy ending. I once had a home but somehow I went astray. I ended up living in a woodsy neighborhood where my pretty brown tabby stripes blended right in in with the trees. Sometimes neighbors would spot me, but no one fed me. I guess they just didn't really want a cat hanging around and hoped that I would go away. But I didn't know where to go. I tried really hard to catch enough food. But it's hard for a cat as domesticated as I am that's not used to hunting. And it's especially hard for a cat that is, for some reason, missing all of her front claws. I got skinny and weak and I caught a cold. My eyes swelled up and my nose started running. I felt miserable.
One day I was spotted by the gardener when I stopped to take a drink from a dirty puddle caused by a lawn sprinkler. It was hot out, and I was tired. I agreed to go to the doctor, where they gave me fluids that perked me up. Now I've got my strength back and the good food I need is served to me on a plate, which is how it should be for a cat like me.
Now, about that home that I need... do you have one for me? I'm a social girl who will sometimes want to sit by your side. But I'm independent too and like lots of space to run around. When you're not around, I'll find sunny windows or cozy corners. I'll bat toy mice around. I have an expressive face that will keep you smiling. Watch my short video.
I have just some small requests: I want to be your only cat. And I need you to be patient with me while I settle in to a new environment and bond with you. To meet me in my foster home call Molly: 651-295-3758 or email

.NOTE: In the interest of serving as many cats as possible, Feline Rescue occasionally promotes cats being taken care of by our friends and supporters. The cat(s) in this posting are NOT Feline Rescue cats and any adoption that may occur is an arrangement strictly between two independent parties.

For more information about Feline Rescue, Inc. and a complete listing of our available cats, go to the Feline Rescue website. If you'd like to hear more Feline Rescue stories and see more pictures of our cats, check out the Feline Rescue Blog!

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Saint Paul, MN

(651) 642-5900

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