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Carolina Dog

Medium  |  Female

Santa Cruz, Ca

Kaboo was adopted out as a puppy and returned as a 56-pound 5-year-old with a lack of social skills and some guarding issues. Being a Carolina Dog, Kaboo needs a person with strong leadership skills to re-direct this breed's strong prey drive into more useful outlets.
This sweet girl has completed advanced training and knows all of the basic commands. She will walk on a heel, knows "sit," "shake," and "down," including hand signals. She will leave a treat between her front feet with the "wait" command until given the "OK." She is house-trained, loves toys. Once she gets to know you, Kaboo will greet you with tail wagging!
She bonds very closely with her person and can be protective of her space. For this reason, her new person should have knowledge and experience with guarding behavior, and should be ready, willing and able to continue to work on those behaviors after adoption. By rewarding her for good behavior, Kaboo will slowly learn. She is affectionate, loves most people, and is very treat-motivated. She's in great shape and is a beautiful dog, but needs very careful management to prevent her from lunging and barking at a perceived threat, which she currently does in an aggressive way. Kaboo has been evaluated by a dog behaviorist and will be sent home with those notes and instructions.
Kaboo prefers humans to canines, and needs to be the only dog in the home. She can be reactive to other dogs and is not a candidate for any off-leash contact at this point. If you are looking for a dog park companion she will not be the perfect dog for you. We are requiring any potential adopters to foster her before completing the adoption, to ensure that it's the best possible match both for you and for her.
If your ideal companion is well trained, loyal and sweet, come on down and meet Kaboo!

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