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Miniature Pinscher

Small  |  Male

Santa Monica, CA

Killey is a three to five year old male min pin. He is very small and weighs just six pounds.
Despite being the best min pin ever, according to his amazing foster, Wendy, Killey did not have a very happy life before we rescued him.
He was living as an outside dog in a less than desirable part of LA and was attacked by a big dog that literally pulled his whole back end off! Killey was rushed to a downtown vet clinic where the owners asked to euthanize him, but the clinic decided to rather have them relinquish the dog to them and they performed several surgeries to repair the damage.
After months of sitting in a cage, we heard of his plight and saved him. He went to an amazing foster, who has learned to take care of this special needs boy!
Below is his fosters bio on Killey. We are looking for a very special person for this very special boy.
The best min pin ever !
Achilles "Killey" Loves people and Wants to be your buddy. Likes being part of the (dog) pack. Loves to go on walks. Loves to play with squeaky toys. Loves to burrow under the covers. 3-5 YO. Very playful but doesn't get into things. Loves his belly rubbed and chewing on your fingers. Cuddle buddy! Killey is incontinent so he wears diapers. He normally gets changed about 5 times a day. He needs help evacuating his bowels 2-3 times a day but it's a very easy process and he is very used to it. He is a bundle of love!

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Santa Monica, CA

(310) 990-2020

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2 years ago

Where can I see some of these dogs? The puppy named Fiona at Santa Monica looks like she might fit with my house hol

charlotte cohn

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