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Cocker Spaniel

10 years, 8 months
Medium  |  Male

Houston, TX

Hey everybody, I’m Kismet! That’s right, Kismet, as in ‘Fate’… and that’s just how my foster family thinks of me. See, I came along at just the right time and my foster mom knew it was fate that brought me to her. I knew it was fate too, and quickly became acquainted with my foster family and my new digs. I love my new life, but I know that this is not my forever place. I need a family that I can call my own and that will never let me go again, because I have so much love to give!

I am going to let my foster mom gush on me now, she says she will do everything she can to find me a forever home, no matter how long it takes!

Kismet's estimated date of birth is 9/25/06. He is a wonderful dog with great house manners; he is house trained and crate trained, he is not a big barker (but when he does it’s actually super cute!) and all he really wants to do is snuggle with you on the couch. He is not a chewer and he is not really interested in toys, but he LOVES bones and he loves to go on walks and meet new doggie friends. Oh, and he does that super cute head-tilt thing that dogs do… it is probably the cutest thing you will ever see!

When Kismet first came to us he had hip dysplasia and has recently had surgery to correct this. He is recovering well and it has vastly improved his quality of life. He will never have full mobility but he gets around just fine. Here is some information on the procedure:

Kismet is fully vaccinated and will be neutered soon. We expect this will help with a bit of the marking behavior that is still remaining, but it has already improved greatly through implementation of a steady, reliable routine. He has some cloudiness in his eyes and we suspect that he is partially blind, but will be taking him to the eye specialist soon to find out the extent of his vision loss and to see if there is anything we can do to help. He is heartworm positive but is currently going through treatment, and would be available on a foster-to-adopt family to the right family/setting while he completes the treatment at GCCSR's expense. He also has a thyroid condition that requires inexpensive meds for the rest of his life, but he takes the pills like a champ (if you hide it in a little cheese).

Don’t let his medical aliments fool you, he still has a lot of life to live and lots of love to give. He is such an easy going dog, and he really makes a great snuggle buddy! A perfect companion for those cold winter nights coming up!

Email us today to find out more about Kismet!


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