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Large  |  Female

Cabool, MO

Please contact Susan ( for more information about this pet.

Laika meets strangers with some confidence, not dont show how truly eloquent she is in her structure and style. She LOVES to go on a leash walk and will sit on command. She prefers men over women and would like a dog to play with who wont be scared of her or mean to her! She actually sits and holds her chin up to get her leash put on! She loves to sniff and snuffle around on her walks!
Laika is a very special girl. While she desires human companionship and the indoor living she has learned to love, she has a primal part of her that says "stand alone and flourish". We cant help but wonder if this beautiful dog isnt the result of a common population clash we experience here in the ozarks when unaltered farm dogs and wild canines of the Ozark Forest meet and the resulting youngsters hearts are tainted with the call of the wild.
Laika is very smart and cunning and walks beautifully on a leash and has a mind that is constantly absorbing. She has an exceptional gift to reason which is not common in canines. She loathes the confinement of the shelter and responds well to familiar humans, looking deep into their eyes as if reading their soul~~~this dog needs a special place to see her future. It is partially that "Northern thang" we respect so much but something else as well.
Laika has shown us that she had a very domineering male human she shared indoor living with and he was strong and severe in his training and expectations. Perhaps the only way he knew to temper that untamed part of her true spirit. She has many common basic training skills.
Dogs whose ethos is divided between indiginous urnings and domestic urnings are tormented. Strong desires and instincts pulling them in every direction leaving them unsure of which way to go and what to trust. A situation that could be easily avoided by SPAYING female dogs!!! Once you have earned their trust they are the most loyal of canines. She will become the beta to her alpha and would lay down her life without a second thought.
We now search for that alpha.......the alpha we seek is kind, never violent, strong, persistent and consistent. Respectful of that wild side but never indulgent of it, therefore a enclosure is a must. An enclosure with access to the home required.
Laika is about 40 lbs.


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